How can I learn to listen to my Intuition?

How do I know its my Intuition and not my own inner monologue?

How does Intuition work?

How can I stop anxiety and self-doubt in their tracks?

If you have found yourself asking questions like these, crumbling under a mountain of self-doubt, or just feeling directionless, the High Priestess Embodiment Workshop is the perfect Intuition jump start for you.

This workshop combines lecture on intuition with practical exercises to get in touch with your own inner voice, a grounding yoga practice, guided meditation and journaling prompts.

This course allows you to go at your own pace and work from the comfort of your own home. You can take each module as many times as you like and there is even an opportunity to submit questions that will be answered by Sheila via audio recordings.

This course is for you if...

You Struggle with debilitating Self-doubt
You feel like you notice your intuition but you aren't sure
You want real tools to learn to connect to your intuition
You're ready to hear the messages that may come through to you even if they aren't exactly what you want to hear

Hi, I’m Sheila Masterson

I love to help clients explore and connect to their intuition and fully commit to self-care.  I work with people in transition by bringing them back into balance, clarifying their purpose, and energizing them with the best way to move toward their goals.

Between social media and the twenty-four hour news cycle, our brains are constantly on overdrive, leaving so many people feeling exhausted, burnt out, and insanely anxious. I help people who desperately want down-to-earth guidance and tools to help them quickly figure out how to navigate challenges. Think of me like a side-kick on your spiritual journey – a little bit wise and a little bit goofy.

I am a Usui Reiki Master Teacher and Kundalini Reiki Master, past life healer, tarot reader, and medium. I like to call myself an all around energy specialist and I have been reading energy since I was a little girl.

Feeling skeptical? Not into all this woo-woo stuff? I know the feeling. You don’t have to be into it for it to work for you. You just have to be open-minded.

This course is closed for enrollment.